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Start earning 100%

profit per year.

Achieve financial freedom with a highly progressive, secure and fast centralised cryptocurrency exchange

  • Highly rewarding digital currency solution 
  • Ultra-secure, passive income 
  • Trusted by thousands 

“Cryptocurrency for everyone.”

Join TerraCEX – the future of crypto exchange in Africa

TerraCEX is a transparent, sustainable and secure South African cryptocurrency exchange platform currently offering fiat to crypto services in five African countries. This platform features all major coins that pay 100% of fees to users through referral. 

At TerraCEX’s core, it offers users a decentralised digital payment solution and hybrid PoW/PoS blockchain, CREDIT. TerraCEX provides CREDIT holders with a broader range of exchange options, zero transaction fees and faster payments. 

Our staking platform and wallet, MiniPOS, offers the most straightforward and rewarding CREDIT “Mining” solution and is available on any digital device. 

MiniPOS offers:

  • Web based CREDIT staking up to 100% per year
  • Profit is paid hourly
  • No lock in period
  • 5 level referral

Get started with

MiniPOS in six easy steps.


1. Register your account


2. Verify your account

3. Deposit funds into your account



5. Transfer CREDIT to MiniPOS

6. Start earning!

What are the benefits of CREDIT?

Decentralised payment platform

Send and receive payments without the need for a third party.

Fast payments

Terra has designed CREDIT to offer quick blockchain-based payments.

No transaction fees

No transaction fees on any transactions made, plus bonuses for referrals upon every transaction made.

Easy-to-use wallet

Enjoy a passive income stream without the need for expensive equipment and technical knowledge.

Completely automatic

Our wallet is simple to use and does everything automatically, you just need a digital device.

Join the global community today and start earning instantly.

What is CREDIT?

Your alternative to cash.

Terra has designed CREDIT to provide free and fast Blockchain-based payments with the flexibility to improve and adapt to an ever-changing Financial and Crypto environment. CREDIT ticks all the boxes as a cryptocurrency and offers a decentralised digital payment solution to the worlds unbanked adult population. Its core function is to be a medium of exchange to facilitate digital transactions. 

 CREDIT employs Proof of Stake (POS) which allows any user to become a block producer. Block producers support the network and get rewarded with new coins for doing so. 

  • Smarter technology 
  • Can be used with a wide range of wallets 
  • Instantly transferable between accounts 
  • Facilitates online and physical payments 
  • Zero transaction fees

Join the global CREDIT and TerraCEX community today. 

What is MiniPOS?

Your safe and secure digital staking wallet.

MiniPOS is a web-based CREDIT staking wallet allowing CREDIT holders to make hourly passive income through a user-friendly interface. It improves the ability to earn through block production and replaces the need for a CPU-based device.


  • Automatically mines credit on any device 
  • 100% profit per year 
  • Introduce your friends and earn
  • Mining profits and referral bonuses paid hourly
  • No locked-in periods 

See how easy it is to use MiniPOS

Join the global MiniPOS and TerraCEX community today

Invest in a better, more secure and more reliable financial system today

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